Cash Bandits 3 Slots

The bandits of this game series are still at it, trying to break into a bank vault to make off with their spoils. So, how will they get on in this installment of the series? We are on our third episode now, so will they come up with anything new to show us?

The reels and lines remain much the same

There are five reels in view, and you've got 25 lines to place your bets on, so that much is quite usual.

What's the betting range like here?

You can use coins that go from one cent to $1 in value. Playing on each line therefore provides bets of between 25 cents and $25 a go.

Watch for these icons to appear in Cash Bandits 3

The game provides you with a bandit as a wild symbol, and the logo for the slot also gets into the action by appearing as a scatter.

What's inside the famous Vault Bonus round this time?

Yes, it has returned for a third outing, and there's even more to grab from inside it if you manage to break into any of the available safes there. Three scatters will bring you five spins plus a 2x starting multiplier. Choose numbers on the keypad to find out whether they help unlock any of the safes.

Bottom line? You can net up to 390 free games if you get all the safes to open. This would also incur a multiplier that reaches a massive 23x. This beats the previous two games quite easily.

It's always good to begin with the practice version of Cash Bandits 3

If you've played the previous two games, you'll know what to expect from this version too. Of course, the famous Vault round is the one every player wants to access, and that holds true this time around as well. However, with so many spins available to be won there, it's great to play even if you get nowhere near the maximum.

So, as always, we can end a Cash Bandits slot review by saying it gets 10/10 from our team. It's the best so far… so can we hope for more in future?