Sweet 16 Blast! Slots

It's always cool to spot a sequel to a slot game you previously liked to play. We had that experience when we spotted the Sweet 16 Blast slot, and we immediately wanted to know whether the Blast part of the title had any clues within it. Let's check it out further to see if we can source any answers.

Reels and paylines for the game

The slot game offers six reels and drops five symbols onto each. This means you just need to find enough identical symbols to garner a prize. And they do not need to join in a cluster for this to happen.

Betting options from cheapest to most expensive

Just pick a wager before you play and you're good to go. The lowest amount is 20 cents, but you can try going through other values until you reach the $20 maximum if you wish.

Special symbols in play in Sweet 16 Blast

This game doesn't come with any wild symbols, which is a shame. It does, however, provide you with some Sweet 16 logos which act as scatters. Should you reach the free spins round, you might spot some gummy bears as well. We'll tell you more about those shortly.

Expect cascading reels when you land a prize

Whenever a prize arrives anywhere in this game, you'll see all the participating icons vanish. Everything else then moves down into those spots, allowing for new symbols to arrive to complete the grid. Should this lead to another prize, the same happens until the prizes end.

For the free games, you'll need four game logos to land anyway. These games provide you with a chance to spot the gummy bears. Each of them bears a multiplier, assured to be 2x at least and potentially as much as 100x. If a prize cascade should happen, all prizes in the cascade, whether on one level or more, will be boosted by all multiplier bears in that cascade.

Finally, finding another three scattered logos in a free spin will give you another five freebies to play.

Play Sweet 16 Blast today to learn more

Is this the game for you? Check it out and see.