Plentiful Treasure Slots

Finding treasure in an online slot game is about as easy as finding goods in a supermarket. That's what it's there for, right? So, what about a game called Plentiful Treasure? This sounds even more appealing. We checked out the game and tried it so we could bring you some info here.

Expect a familiar format in this game

Yes, there are five reels to spin and they provide all 243 ways you might find prizes.

This isn't a penny slot game

You'll cover all the available ways when you play, but this requires at least 88 cents to make it happen. There are higher wagers, but that is the minimum.

Check out the wilds

Did we say wilds? We did, as there are two to look at. The treasure wild can appear on reels two to four, while the pearl wild only lands on the third reel. It does carry a 5x multiplier though. Watch for a scatter symbol along the way as well.

Stay alert for bonus elements in Plentiful Treasure

The bonus round is connected to gold coins but seems difficult to access. That could well be because it holds the key to not one but four progressive jackpots available in the game. If you reach it, it seems that you will walk away with one of those.

However, you can certainly play for a chance to get eight free spins. Three scatters will give you eight games to play. These differ from the usual spins because none of the cheap icons are involved. This means you can only land higher-paying prize combinations.

Can you find some Plentiful Treasure in this slot game?

There are many reasons to play this game, not least the appearance, which is polished and professional. Of course, we guess you're going to play for a chance of those jackpots, but there are many other prizes that might well prove easier to find. If you're all set to try it, load the demo on your Android or iOS device now for the easiest way to play Plentiful Treasure. If you want to go old style, you can check it out on a computer too.