Fortunate Rabbit Slots

If you're looking for a bit of luck when it comes to your online gambling experience, then I think it's about time you tried and tested out the Fortunate Rabbit Slots. As the title of the slot suggests, there is a high chance at winning big figures here, so you should test it out whilst you still can. There is a vivid theme of food, fortune, oriental, Asian and the prosperity tree here, so I can pretty much guarantee you're going to love it. Why not give it a go? It could be the slot of your dreams and you wouldn't even know, so you should test it out whilst you still can. Below I'm going to be discussing all of the ins and outs that it has to offer, so that you can make a smart decision on whether you're going to play it or not.

General information regarding the Fortunate Rabbit Slots

This is an epic video slot, and I'm just about to tell you why. It has got countless reasons to play it, so buckle up and get ready to read through them all. Firstly, it has been developed by the RTG software providers, and if you know anything about anything, then you'll know how epic these guys are when it comes to the features that they offer as well as the gameplay. The slot was recently brought out, as in we're talking January of 2023, so you can expect some pretty incredible features.

The RTP is definitely one of the features that are worth noting, as it comes in at 96.25%. This is above the national average, so it's safe to say that I'm already impressed. I think video slot games nowadays struggle with this figure, so it's great to see that the Fortunate Rabbit Slots gets it over. The variance level has been given as high.

The minimum bet comes in at 1.5 and the maximum bet 75, which are both pretty amazing features. As for the layout of the game, this comes in at 5x3, keeping the window wide open for possible scores.

Features and the conclusion

The best features to look out for include the additional free spins, the expanding symbols, the free spins, respins, scatter symbols and of course, the wild. The key symbols in here are the warriors, moons and rabbits.

To conclude, I have to say that I'm loving everything that's available here at the Fortunate Rabbit Slots, and I know that you will too. Be sure to test it out for yourself, and let me know what you make of it. You're bound to love it!